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Facility maintenance profession has gotten crucial with all the international high awareness on the requirement for creating and achieving a sustainable built environments. We build buildingswe set up facilities, and also we stay within and operate the landscape maintenance services. As time goes by, we began to have the breakdown and decay of their facilities in addition to its worth. Just like all matters within the world, there's a limited life span and facilities are not excluded from this organic process. We have to devote tools and some time to clean, re-paint, repair or re-furbish within a effort to bring back the facilities . Often, there are allocations of time and resources to finish the rejuvenation process for reasons that may be deployed to rejuvenate the facilities into an operational level that provides adequate comfort to both owners and the occupiers of their facilities.

What's Facility Maintenance?

Facility maintenance is "a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to guarantee functionality of the job place by integrating people, place, technology and processes" according to IFMA, whereas BIFM's Facility management is"the integration of multidisciplinary activities within the built environment and the management of their impact upon people and the workplace" and also FMAA's Facility Maintenance is "a business practice that optimizes people, process, resources, and also the job place to encourage the delivery of a firm's business objectives".

When you look at the interpretations by these recognized institutions, which is representing a broad range of those environmental services industry, one will notice the consistent utilization of the key words by those associations when speaking about facilities management:

Several disciplines/activities

Work environment or built environment

Individual, processes and technology

Environmental solutions

Parking lot sweeping

Landscape maintenance

If we reflect back from the past, facilities management has naturally evolved out of what seems like a'fracture and mend' type of works to something that attempts to repair it before it breaks. As in all technology tasks, there's almost always an all driveway towards doing some thing better now. And exactly what is needed to accomplish this calls for the three drivers as stated above.

Some Normal drivers that cause changes in how Facility Management is carried out are:


Procedures that are continually improving

Integration of disciplines/activities that are Unique


Environment - Man Made catastrophe, natural disasters



The Benefits

As building owners and occupiers comprehended that the price of Operations and Maintenance is becoming substantial portion of their operational expenses, the emphasis on facilities management increases and the most important driver here's costs. The idea of Total asset-management come in to play as building proprietors start to focus on not just the creation expense of the charge but also a property to maintain the building. Not only the expense of facilities becomes the focus nevertheless also the role that facilities play in operation operations and influences on building occupants' health and safety has proceeded property owners to choose an even far more tactical way of facilities management. The main emphasis will be to if the facilities are to work economically and in a manner that give building occupants an atmosphere.